The Faker’s Guide to the Classics

“I wish I had The Faker’s Guide to the Classics instead of those boring old Cliffs Notes guides when I was in high school and college. Maybe I would have been inspired to read some of the classics I was assigned.”

—Andrew Shaffer, author of Literary Rogues 

Faker's Guide to the Classics

No time or patience to read the greats?

Don’t worry, now you can fake it.

From Anna Karenina to Wuthering Heights, The Faker’s Guide to the Classics condenses the great novels, plays, and poems of world lit into bite-size nuggets, ditching the bloated analysis and nauseating debate of other reading guides. Each of the 100 books is a classic that everyone knows but only hardcore lit majors have read. Now you, too, can: Blather about books you were supposed to read for class; fudge literary discussions at fancy parties; impress a date with your knowledge and wit; and slice through the ivory tower to read like a ninja.


Each entry contains a quick and dirty description of plot, told with humorous brevity; famous quotes accompanied by smartass responses; and the original cover or an illustration conveying the work’s tone (or lack thereof). Brief author bios, including misdeeds and scandals, add illuminating and occasionally disgusting background. It’s all easy to understand and short enough to tweet. With this must-have guide, not reading the classics has never been easier!


“This entertaining, informative, and pop-culture-reference-laden take on literature will completely replace that to-read pile of books collecting dust on your desk. Once your home is tidy and all the important characters and plot points are in your brain, book club hosting duties will be a breeze!”

—Robb Pearlman, author of Spoiler Alert


“Michelle Witte’s dazzlingly charming summaries will give you both hilarious knowledge and plenty of time to send Beowulf a friend request. If you don’t have room on your bookshelf for this, you need a bigger bookshelf.”

—Rachel Eddey, author of Running of the Bride


“Cliffs Notes, Schmiffs Notes, give me Michelle’s notes! She makes the cool books even cooler and the crappy books considerably less crappy. I mean, she even made reading about Middlemarch enjoyable, and if you’ve read it—which I haven’t and now don’t have to, thank goodness—you know that’s saying something.”

—Alan Goldsher, author of Paul Is Undead and My Favorite Fangs


A sneak peek at the The Faker’s Guide to the Classics:

 Jane Eyre


Journey to the Center of the Earth


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