Antisocial & Freedom


Antisocial (and its companion app Freedom) may be the greatest thing to increase writer productivity since Al Gore invented the internet. Self-discipline is good and all, but for those of us too busy to work on that, Antisocial is there to keep us from whiling away precious writing time dinking around online.

I like Antisocial better because it blocks access to social networking sites while allowing email and google, etc, for research. Freedom, on the other hand, cuts off the internet completely. They are both produced by the same company, so you can get the bundle at a discount. Plus they both have free trials. What’s not to love?

Antisocial: $15
Freedom: $10
Mac Freedom & Antisocial bundle: $20 

Like Scrivener, the cost is so minimal there’s nothing to stop you from buying your own writing slave-driver. “Back to work!” *crack* “No messing around on the internet!” *whip*

Unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent other procrastination techniques, like scrubbing the ceiling or making a 7-course writing snack. Nor does it prevent interruptions from children/spouse/telemarketers/pets/apocalypse. If someone finds an app for that, please let me know.

Note: It looks like Antisocial only works on Macs, but Freedom is PC friendly.