Design & Publication

Publishing & Design

This is the part of publishing that seems most mysterious to writers, especially when it comes to the more technical aspects.

How a Book Gets Published

Nathan Bransford

Great sum-up of how a book goes from manuscript to finished book.


I Got THE CALL . . . Um, Now What? 

Jennifer Laughran

What happens after signing with an agent


Apocalypsies’ Stats

AC Gaughen

A series of charts tracking the stats of a small group of YA writers (the Apocalypsies, i.e. debuting in 2012), from queries to advances to social media. While the data is far from scientific or broad-based, it’s an interesting look at some real numbers.



Let Us Now Praise Editors


“They may be invisible and their art unsung. But in the age of bloggers [and self-publishing], editors are needed more than ever.”


Book Design

Where the Cover of Your Favorite Novel Comes From

The Atlantic

The art director for Faber & Faber, and Farrar, Straus and Giroux details the creation process for book covers. It’s not as easy as it sounds.


Judging an e-book by its cover

e Is for Book

Excellent information on how to design your own cover, for those looking to self-publish. But I’d suggest every author take a look to understand some of the principles of what makes good cover design.



Consumers Upset and Confused Over E-Book Pricing

Digital Book World

What it actually costs to produce an e-book is not the “free” that many readers expect of a digital file. One fact that consumers seem to (willfully or ignorantly) disregard: writers should be paid for the work that their readers consume.