Shady Business

Sarah LaPolla

Some questions to ask before signing with an agent.


How to Figure Out If a Publisher or Agent Is Reputable

Michelle Witte

Always check up on agents and publishers before querying to verify they’re who they say they are, and determine if they’re good at what they do. I put together a list of the resources I trust for verifying publishing professional, as well as things to consider before working with someone. It is much too easy to get taken in by a scam or hire someone whose work isn’t up to par.


Database of Literary Agents


A great free resource for writers looking for information on which agents and publishers to query.


Monster List of Picture Book Agents

Frolicking through Cyberspace

Picture books are a whole different game when it comes to finding an agent. This list is especially helpful for those writers looking to focus on picture books.

Keep Track of Your Queries

Query Tracker

While not all of the information here is up-to-date, it provides a great way to narrow your agent search, mark those you want to query, and even mark when they respond so it’s easy to see who has or hasn’t responded, especially for those with a “no response means no” policy.


The Dangers of Going Agent-free

The Intern

When an editor offers a book contract, the terms are going to be in the publisher’s best interest, which doesn’t always benefit writers. In the excitement of getting an offer, new writers might forget┬áthat. One real-life case study where a writer didn’t even read the contract before signing. *shudders* NEVER EVER SIGN ANY CONTRACT WITHOUT READING IT FIRST.