For writers

With so many voices shouting this advice or yelling that warning for writers, it can be difficult to know who and what information to trust. I’ve compiled a variety of articles, links, and other resources from reliable sources.

Resourceful links

A collection of links and articles with solid info on the path to publication. These articles are available to use as you will, but I’d suggest taking advantage of such excellent resources.


Resourceful books

These are some of the books on writing and publishing that I’ve found helpful. One thing to note: When deciding whether to purchase a book on writing, look at the author’s bio. If they’re offering advice on writing or getting published but don’t have experience in the industry or haven’t had any of their books published (except books on how to write or land an agent), it might be good to consider purchasing a book by someone with more experience. 


Stuff I love

Now we get to the stuff you would have to purchase and/or subscribe to, but if you’re serious about becoming a published author, these are great tools to use along the way.