Where to Find Me

Life, the Universe, and Everything (LTUE)

February 16–18, 2017
Provo Marriott
Provo, Utah

My Schedule

Thursday, February 16
10:00 am  Crossing the Genre Divide
11:00 am  Healthy Ways to Cope with Rejection and Professional Jealousy
3:00 pm  Mixing Genres
7:00 pm  The World/Setting As a Character
8:00 pm  I’m In It for the Laughs

Friday, February 17
9:00 am  Crazy = Genius? Why Creative Personalities Are Plagued with Mental Illness

Saturday, February 18
10:00 am  We Buy the Books

Note: I will be taking pitches; days and times TBA.


Salt Lake Comic Con FanX

March 17–18, 2017
Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

My Schedule

Friday, March 17

Saturday, March 18


Idaho Conference on Youth and Children’s Literature and Writing (SCBWI)

April 21–22, 2017
Boise State campus, Student Union building
Boise, Idaho

My Schedule

Dates and times TBA


Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers

June 12–16, 2017
Waterford School
Sandy, Utah

My Schedule

Dates and times TBA



Twitter is usually your best bet, but you can find me skulking around some of these other places as well.