Positivity and Apathy had a love child named Meh. Apathy didn’t care who he slept with and Positivity thought she could change him.

But really, Apathy had married Negativity. Their oldest is Rebellion, and his younger sister is Rage. They have quite the dinner conversations, let me tell you.

Sadly, Positivity is still looking for her perfect man. Her bff, Hope, keeps setting her up on blind dates, while Hope is already married to the nicest guy ever, Charity.

But things are looking up for Positivity. Disinterest is pretty hot and he’s totally playing it cool. He wants Positivity, she knows it.

Disinterest, though, is happy to flirt with every emotion. He doesn’t want to settle down yet, though Inspiration caught his eye other day.

Inspiration has her sights set on Accomplishment, but she’s worried he’s set his standards too high for a potential mate.

Meanwhile, Meh just got a job at the burger stand, where Disinterest saw her the other day. She’s a bit young, but he doesn’t care about that.

It all ends well, though, when Positivity meets Productivity. It’s love at first sight. Happily ever after.

The end.

Actually, Happy—


Note: This is what happens when Twitter is handy and I haven’t had enough sleep.