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Design & Publication

Publishing & Design

This is the part of publishing that seems most mysterious to writers, especially when you start hearing things like how many ARCs will be sent to BEA, or that the jacket will have spot gloss. Just run when they get to BLADs.*


Getting a deal

I Got THE CALL . . . Um, Now What? 

Jennifer Laughran

What happens after signing with an agent


Apocalypsies’ Stats

AC Gaughen

A series of charts tracking the stats of a small group of YA writers (the Apocalypsies, i.e. debuting in 2012), from queries to advances to social media. While the data is far from scientific or broad-based, it’s an interesting look at some real numbers.


How a Book Gets Published

Nathan Bransford

Great sum-up of how a book goes from manuscript to finished book.



Let Us Now Praise Editors


Tagline: “They may be invisible and their art unsung. But in the age of bloggers [and self-publishing], editors are needed more than ever.”


Book Design

Where the Cover of Your Favorite Novel Comes From

The Atlantic

The art director for Faber & Faber and Farrar, Straus and Giroux details the creation process for book covers. It’s not as easy as it sounds.


Judging an e-book by its cover

e Is for Book

Excellent information on how to design your own cover, for those looking to self-publish. But I’d suggest every author take a look to understand some of the principles of what makes good cover design.




Consumers Upset and Confused Over E-Book Pricing

Digital Book World

What it really costs to produce an e-book is not the “free” that many readers expect of a digital file. One fact that consumers seem to (willfully or ignorantly) disregard: writers should be paid for the work that their readers consume.


*It really isn’t scary once you get a translation, and honestly, most authors don’t hear a lot of the technical or design aspects, but it’s good to know basics.

ARC: Advance Reader Copy
BEA: Book Expo America
Jacket: Removable cover from a book.
Spot gloss: Shiny finish on book jackets. Spot means only some spots will be gloss.
BLAD: Basic (or Book) Layout and Design. A pamphlet-like sample of the book.