UPDATE: I’m not currently accepting new freelance editing clients. To make up for it, I’ll give you a super helpful hint: If every writer read and did the exercises in Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King, they might not end up not needing a freelance editor. I’m serious. Many of the issues I see in manuscripts could be resolved by learning and then applying the principles in this book. Besides, it’s a whole lot cheaper than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars, so you might as well give that a shot first. Then, if you still need help, you’re in a much better position to benefit from a freelance edit.

My work as an editor…

For the past eleven years I’ve edited various types of fiction and nonfiction, in all its many splendid forms. I started out in journalism as a copy editor for the Deseret News. After a few years, I transitioned to working with books (though still nonfiction) at Gibbs Smith, an independent publisher of varied nonfiction and gift books. Gibbs Smith has a rather eclectic mix of titles they publish; I worked on everything from books about blacksmithing and green living to cookbooks and children’s activity books. (As an aside, editing cookbooks is a lot more complex than you’d expect.) I learned a lot about the process of publishing a book, from the beginnings of an idea, through the editorial stages, on to design, production, and printing, and then through sales and marketing to when it finally lands on bookstore shelves.

Working for a smaller publisher means you are involved in more than just a single step in the process, so I’ve gained a lot of practical knowledge and deeper understanding of all the little details that go into printing a book, like why paper thickness and typeface and even the glossiness of the cover matters in a finished book. All of this experience gives me an advantage as an agent, as I know what goes on in each stage in the process and can guide my authors on what to expect in the wacky world of publishing.


Check out some of the beautiful books I helped create: