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Avert Your Eyes

Avert Your Eyes

In honor of the imminent release of The Faker's Guide to the Classics: Everything You Need to Know About the Books You Should Have Read (But Didn't), I will now disembowel some of the greatest of the greats, highlighting their tragic endings with pithy commentary....

Copyright Basics for Writers

I recently did a buttload of research on U.S. copyright laws, for both my own writing (thanks, Faker's Guide to the Classics) and as a presenter on a panel discussing copyright for authors. I've condensed that info here to focus on the basics, plus links on where to...

How to survive querying/being on submission

I shall now offer you the best advice I could possibly give on how to survive the long wait associated with querying agents, and then once again while your manuscript is on submission with editors: Move on. I mean this in a literal sense, as far as that is possible....

It’s okay

In the relatively short time I've been an agent, I've noticed something that makes me smile and sigh at the same time: the paralyzing fear some writers experience when they query agents. To them (and you) I say: Relax. It's okay if you make a small mistake. It won't...

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