Akem is a writer and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She has a love of fantasy art, fiction, and mythology and is working on bringing her dream worlds to lifeShe currently works in the animation industry as a background painter on an Netflix animated TV series and is the illustrator of the forthcoming picture book Brown Sugar Babe written by Charlotte Watson Sherman (Kane Press, 2020). Find out more about Akem at www.akemiart.ca.

Jisuk Cho

Jisuk Cho is a writer and illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and worked for several years as a designer in animation and advertising before moving to Japan. She has amassed a dedicated online following for her popular web comic Fishbones. Learn more about Jisuk at www.jisukcho.com.

Ashley Evanson

Ashley Evanson is a San Francisco–based illustrator and author. She received a degree in journalism from Brigham Young University, and is a self-taught illustrator. She writes and illustrates the Hello, World! board book series featuring counting, shapes, colors, etc. from some of the world’s greatest cities. Paris: A Book of Shapes was selected by Amazon as one of the top 100 children’s books of 2015. See more of her work at www.ashleyevanson.com.

Denise Gallagher

Denise Gallagher is a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Her illustration style has been described as whimsical with a bit of an edge. She is the author of A Tip Tap Tale, and the illustrator for Jean-le-Chasseur et ses chiens by Barry Jean Ancelet. Denise lives in Louisiana. See more of her work at www.denisegallagher.com.

Frances Kim

Frances Kim is a designer and storyteller, currently working and living in Austin, Texas. By day, she works as a visual designer in the tech industry, and by night she lets loose and pours into her stories (while her toddler sleeps). Frances was deeply influenced by her experiences living abroad in China and Finland, and her upbringing as a Korean-American living in Texas.

Michael Murdock

Michael Murdock is an illustrator, designer and writer whose work has been featured in a variety of publications, including The New York Times. His works in a variety of styles but is particularly known for retro futurism. He is a regular exhibitor at various comic cons around the US, and lives in Utah.

Mark Scott Ricketts

Mark Scott Ricketts is a veteran of the comics industry with many titles to his name, including prominent properties for Marvel and Dark Horse Comics like Iron Man and Hellboy. Now he’s shifting his attention to focus on writing and illustrating books for children, from picture books through middle grade. Learn more about him at www.mscottricketts.com.

from The Nightmare Grave and the Putrid Bottle of Nice by S.A. Foster

Cory Shaw

Cory Shaw is a writer and illustrator on a mission to create worlds that inspire children to adventure and stories that cause grown-ups to yearn for childhood. He lives in Utah with his wife and kids. See more of his work at www.corysshaw.com.